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Parking with accommodation in the centre

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Everything you need to
know about the Hallstatt Hotel-Ticket

The following guidelines are only valid for guests whose accommodation is located in the centre of the village and therefore have no parking space available. Guests who have booked rooms outside the village centre can park at their accommodation.

The “P1” car park was specifically built for guests who booked rooms in the village centre. There you can park your vehicles for the duration of your stay. A shuttle service will take you and your luggage from “P1" to your accommodation and back again on departure.

  • Follow the traffic guidance system to the car park “P1” in the district of Lahn.
  • Take a Ticket as you enter “P1”.
  • Proceed to the "Hotel-Shuttle Info-Point" which is located near the car park entrance.
  • Register with the parking attendant and inform him which accommodation you have booked in the centre.
  • Should the Info-point not be manned, use the call system to announce your arrival and the shuttle service will arrive in a few minutes.
  • The shuttle service will bring you and your luggage to your accommodation in the centre.
  • Upon departure, the shuttle service will pick you up at the same place and take you and your luggage to your car in “P1” Your host or shuttle driver will provide you with a timetable.
  • Before the first exit from the “P1”, go to the ticket machine and press the Hotel-ticket button.
  • After payment you can enter and exit without restriction.
  • If you draw a regular short-term parking ticket by mistake and do not convert it into a hotel ticket you will have to pay the more expensive day rate.
  • This guideline only concerns guests staying overnight in the centre of Hallstatt.

Things to note on arrival!

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Can I drive into the centre by car?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The centre is closed off with two barriers. An access to the apartments and hotels in the centre is unfortunately not possible. A shuttle bus will take guests, who have booked accommodation in the centre from the P1 car park to their accommodation. More about "Hotelticket" can be found here ...

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