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Hallstatt photo point

Main View: Simply charming!

Each day, people from all over the world meet in the „Römisches“ district of Hallstatt to capture the magical backdrop of the world famous main view of Hallstatt on their memory cards, mobile phones and tablet PCs. The photo point, which is just a short walk from the market square, is one of the world's most beautiful motives. Millions of people have already been photographed against the stunning backdrop, which for many visitors counts as one of the most beautiful motives in Europe.

Whoever stands here has the houses built on the rocks behind them and Lake Hallstatt at their feet. And inbetween, on a small peninsula, lies the Evangelical church with the boat landing stage and the "Heritage Hotel". To our right we see the Catholic parish church, built on the rock with the ossuary - one of the largest skull collections in the world. Conclusion: Whoever visits Hallstatt should not miss this unique opportunity.

A little tip for photographers in a hurry

For all those who are in a hurry and still want to take a picture of the world-famous view, here is a little tip: During the day, the center of Hallstatt is closed, but in the evening and at night the barrier systems are open. So if you want to go to the world-famous photo point, then between 21:00 and 09:00. During this time, you have free travel to the town centre. Because it is precisely in the morning at sunrise that the most beautiful motifs are created.

Guided tours to the Fotopoint Hallstatt

Wed, Jul. 17, 2024 Valley station of the Salzberg cable car, Hallstatt

Sat, Jul. 20, 2024 16:30 — 17:30 Tourist office of Hallstatt, Seestraße 114 Hallstatt

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