By car to Lake Hallstatt or Gosau Valley

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Long Delays on the Weekends

Attention car and bus drivers: From 17th of February to 30th of April 2020 there will be longer waiting times on the L 547 at the Hallstatt Tunnel. This is due to extensive renovation work in one of the two tunnel sections. A traffic light control has been set up. Expect to wait around 10 minutes.

Long Delays on the Weekends

On weekends and especially on extended weekends, tailbacks can cause the waiting times to be longer. Waiting times of up to 40 minutes are quite possible! Please plan this during your visit to Hallstatt.

Bus Delays

Due to this renovation there are also massive delays and connection problems in the bus transport. The possibility of missing connections on bus lines 543 and 542 cannot be ruled out by the red light phases.

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Driving Regulations

No matter whether you are travelling to Bad Goisern, Gosau, Hallstatt or Obertraun: Motorway Toll Stickers (Vignette) are required on all vehicles on Austria's motorways and highways! Stickers can be obtained from the Austrian Automobile Clubs as well as post offices, sundries and gasoline stations. Please note that stickers are also available in Austria's neighboring countries at gasoline stations, at borders as well as Automobile clubs.

The motorway toll sticker/vignette must be attached to the windshield in a clearly visible position.

Arrival to Bad Goisern, Gosau, Hallstatt or Obertraun

Coming from the east

You will reach the four towns of the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut - Hallstatt, Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt, Gosau and Obertraun - via Westautobahn A1 (Vienna-Salzburg) to the Regau junction and continuing via Gmunden, Bad Ischl, Bad Goisern to Hallstatt, Obertraun or Gosau. Travel time from Gmunden: about 1 hour

Coming from the north/west

You'll reach the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut via Westautobahn A1 (coming from Munich-Salzburg), exit at "Golling" and continue via Abtenau on the B166 to Russbach, Gosau, Bad Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt, Hallstatt or Obertraun. Travel time from Salzburg: about 45 minutes

Coming from the south

Along the Tauernautobahn A10 (coming from Graz, Carinthia, Italy, Slovenia), exit at "Eben" and continue via St. Martin on the B166 to Annaberg-Lungötz and Russ am Pass Geschütt – to Gosau, Hallstatt, Obertraun or Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt. Travel time from Eben: about 30 minutes.

The following fees apply:
  • Passenger auto:
    Year sticker: 89,20 Euro
    Two-month sticker: 26,80 Euro
    10-day sticker: 9,20 Euro
  • Motorcycle:
    Year sticker: 35,50 Euro
    Two-month sticker: 13,40 Euro
    10-day sticker: 5,30 Euro
  • Valide from 1st of December 2018 until 31th of January 2020

Note: In Austria, road tax discs are mandatory on all motorways. The road tax discs are available at all petrol stations and rest areas.

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