Hiking to the "Waldbachstrub" Waterfall in Hallstatt

Important information for hikers in Hallstatt's Echerntal

Dear Hiking Friends
Please note that the path (ascent) to the "Waldbachstrub" waterfalls is currently closed due to forestry work. The path to the Schleierfall, also a waterfall, is passable. All other hiking trails in the Hallstatt Echern Valley are also open. We wish you a relaxing time in this romantic nature area. Your editorial team

Hike to the most beautiful waterfall in the Salzkammergut region

Whether spring, summer or autumn - the Waldbachstrub waterfall in Hallstatt's Echerntal valley is always worth a visit. The hike is family-friendly and relatively easy. Nevertheless, outdoor shoes are compulsory. The tour takes about 2 to 2.5 hours in one direction - depending on your speed. An outstanding photo motif.

From Kalvarienberg to the Brandbachweg

Many paths lead to the Waldbachstrub waterfall in Hallstatt's Echerntal valley.
We have chosen the following route description here: We start our hike at the Kalvarienberg above the P1 car park in Hallstatt. We start at the signboard with the inscription "Themenweg" (theme trail).

We follow the Grabfeldweg through the shady forest; reach the road that takes us past the Hallstatt waste material collection centre and shortly afterwards turn left into the Brandbachweg.

Along the Brandbach

The dried-up stream bed of the Brandbach with its large stones is an excellent photo motif. The stream, which only carries water in rainy periods, is an indicator for many locals of a possible impending flood.

Along the rushing forest stream

At the end of this trail, we cross the forest road that leads up to the Hallstatt Salzberg. At the wooden pavilion, which also marks the actual beginning of the theme trail, the “Malerweg” (artists’ way) leads us along the Waldbach stream further and further into the Echerntal valley. Numerous information boards along the way tell history and stories about painters, writers and explorers. It is worth stopping and immersing yourself into a long-forgotten world.

Past the Schleierfall

After about 20 minutes of easy walking, we reach the Kuhbrücke bridge. We cross it and continue our tour in the direction of the “Schleierfall”. Always on the "Themenweg" (theme trail). The first waterfall on our tour to Waldbachstrub can already be seen from afar, but it only has a lot of water in rainy periods. Most of the time it only drips a little from the mountain. Another little tip: Many visitors to the Echerntal valley think they have already reached their destination and turn back, but the best is yet to come.

Towards the highlight

The trail leads us further up the mountain on a gravel path. After about 10 minutes of easy walking, we reach the turnoff to the Waldbachstrub waterfall. We are getting closer and closer to our destination. After another 20 minutes of walking we have reached our destination. The lucky spot "Waldbachstrub".

Three mountain streams unite at this point to form a thundering natural phenomenon: Waldbach, Klauskogelbach and Lauterbach streams form an impressive natural spectacle that is unparalleled.

More hiking possibilities

Fancy even more discoveries? The theme trail takes you to other highlights. For example, to the “Gletschergarten” (Glacier Garden). The signposted trail is a circular walk and leads to the most beautiful sights of the day. If you don't want to continue hiking, you can get back to the starting point of this hike via the Echerntalweg, the P2 car park with a view of the valley station of the Salzberg cable car.


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