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Cross-country skiing

Through mountain and valley

The UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut is a paradise for cross-country skiing. Mountain and valley trails offer varied cross-country skiing in a wonderful environment.

The snow crunches, the trees blend in the white splendour, forget the worries of everyday life with the winter sun reflected in your ski tips. The countless beautiful mountains of the Salzkammergut are well known for the finest skiing. But this idyll does not only belong to the many wonderful ski slopes of the region. In recent years, another sport has come out from the shadows of alpine sküng - crosscountry skiing. Enjoying a worldwide comeback this all-round healthy sport is a popular pastime for young and old, and the whole Salzkammergut, with over 700km of cross-country trails, is attracting the attention of cross-country skiers.

The 700km of cross country trails are spread high and low across the whole of the wonderful Salzkammergut region. sunny valleys. Between lakes and mountains, along well known footpaths, past meadows. Cross country skiers of all ages will find their own personal favourites. At the same time, the trails are cleverly laid out so that you can reach remote areas which are not possible in the summer. But that is not all. The trails are dotted with cosy mountain huts that invite you to rest and linger.

Cross-country loops at a glance

Cross-country ski run on the Gjaidalm

© Gjaidalm | Langlaufen im Salzkammergut: Langlaufloipe auf der Gjadalm

Cross country skiing in the Ausseerland

Cross country skiing in Bad Goisern

Cross-country skiing in Gosau

Cross country skiing routes

Cross country skiing tracks on a glance

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