The Lumbe Jack Museum - The tough life of a Lumber Jack

The history of the lumberjacks

The Woodcutter Museum in Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt not only shows its visitors in the old woodcutters' parlour how the woodcutters lived, worked and lived at that time, it also brings them closer to the enormous importance of wood as a raw material for the Salzkammergut.

The Woodcutter Museum

An old Salzkammergut woodcutter's parlour, the "Dürrenholzstube" (a living room) was demolished in 1977 in the Weißenbachtal (district of Bad Goisern) and re-erected by the Heimatverband Bad Goisern in the Müllnerwäldchen in Bad Goisern, close to the centre. The building, made of logs, in which the workers had their bedstead, the so-called "ridge", is now a museum.

It was furnished with old equipment and tools and illustrates to its visitors with pictures and other exhibits the arduous and dangerous work as well as the deprivation of the woodcutters, far away from romantic clichés.

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However, the museum not only shows how the woodcutters lived, worked and lived at that time, it also brings the enormous importance of wood as a raw material for the Salzkammergut and shows the great role that forestry had and still has for this region.

To this day, events also take place every year in the Woodcutter Museum, such as the Goiserer Gamsjaga Days. On these festive days, the famous woodcutter dumplings are prepared with a lot of love by the ladies of the Goldhauben. Then it smokes again from the time-honored "smoke kitchen" as it did back then.

The Woodcutter

Since the marching distances were far too long, the woodcutters had to set off on foot to the high-altitude workplaces on Sunday afternoon. During the working week, the "Auslieger" lived, worked and resided away from their families in the woodcutters' rooms in the forest.

At the same time, the spartan woodcutters had their food supply for the entire working week. This usually consisted of flour, lard and bacon. At the large open fireplaces, everyone cooked their own strong, high-calorie dishes such as woodcutter's dumplings, flour pancakes and other hearty lard food.

Guided tours of the museum are available in German and English. You can book these directly with the museum's contact persons. All information and the appropriate contact addresses can be found below under "Information at a glance". We wish you an instructive tour!


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