Artists, literati and miracles of nature

Hallstatt: Echern Theme Trail

During the 19th Century, the Salzkammergut was frequently visited by artists and the literati. Painting during the Biedermeier period in particular discovered fabulous motifs in the unadulterated nature. The Echerntal valley in Hallstatt and the Dachstein, for example, inspired painters and writers to produce famous works. The "Artists, literati and miracles of nature" theme path gives you insights into the importance of this region on art and literature.

ltinerary: You set off from the car park at the start of the forest path in the Echernatl valley, Hallstatt. The long option (walking time of approximately three hours) takes you to the Schleierfall waterfall, on the Gangsteig (Gangsteep Track) past an idyllic waterfall, on to the source of the forest brook, back via the forest path and past the Gletschermühlen to the car park. The shorter option doesn`t take youj via the Gangsteig, past the waterfall and the source of the forest brook. Hence, the walking time is only about one hour. Both options are superb circular paths.

At ten stations, discover why 19th-century artists chose the Echerntal as a favourite motif. At many stations, you can admire reproductions of the most famous paintings by Biedermeier artists, such as Waldmüller, Gauermann and Alt. You will also find literry information on the works of Adalbert Stifter (Mountain Crystal) or accounts of experiences by Simony.

Tour facts

  • Start: Wiesberghaus Car Park
  • End: Wiesberg Car Park
  • Length: Approx. 4 km. 112 metres of altitude
  • Difficulty: Easy. Circular Trail also suitable for all terrain buggies.
  • Duration: 1.5 hours. From the bus terminal to the Wiesberg Car Park allow 30 minutes
  • Map material: Freizeitkarte Inneres Salzkammergut (gratis)
  • Mark /Way No.: Echerntal Theme Trail
  • Character: The amazing "Glacier Garden" natural monument is located in Hallstatt's Echerntal Valley. From the deepest part of the glacier garden a path continues to the "Franz-Josef-Reitweg" (riding trail) and onwards to the "artists' trail" in the base of the valley.
  • Equipment: No special equipment required
  • Special experience: Waldbachstrub Waterfall. "Glacier Garden"
  • Resting possibilities: Waldbachstrub viewing platform (benches)


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