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The legend of the worm in the Loecker Lake Gosau

Loeckermoos (Loeker moss) and Loeckersee (Loecker Lake)

There are 4 sign posted hiking routes to the "Schleifsteinbrüchen", (broken whet stone) from there a route goes to the Loeckermoos. (Loecker moss)It begins at the east Schleifsteinhauerhuette (whet-stone hut) after approximately 20 minutes one reaches the centrally positioned "Loeckersee" Loecker Lake. Water resistant footwear is recommended.

The name of this high moor derives from the word Yew tree in Gosau dialect. On the lime water permeable cover of the sandstone surprisingly grows a moss (Sphagnummoos). The lower parts of the Moos died but the top points continued to grow. Since this took place over thousands of years, a dome shaped peat bog developed. At the apex this peat diminished in the last century and a hollow water-filled hole was formed, the Loeker Lake. Many people for Gosau maintain that a worm three meter long white lives in the lake but to date few have seen it.

Bilberries, cranberries and yew trees grow on the wet boggy soil. Together they form a nearly impenetrable thicket. Protected this thicket has developed a life of its own over thousands of years. The blue sapphire dragonflies and pond skaters are the representatives of the unusual and remarkable world of nature. They witness the fact that still nature pure can be found here. Please take particularly consideration to the sensitive habitat and don't picnic here or bathe in the Loecker Lake to avoid disturbing the sensitive habitat.


Sportplatz Gosau, Gosau

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