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Plassen Round Trip

Brief information

The "Plassen circuit" to German "Plassen Runde" (S534) leads over 55.7 kilometres and over 1440 metres in altitude along the eastern shore of Lake Hallstatt around the mountain called "Plassen". This tour is not signposted. Difficulty: difficult.

The most beautiful alpine tour in Austria

The Schäferalm, the Vordere Grubenalm and the "Roßalm", which is open in summer, are the first highlights on the Plassen circuit. This is followed by a descent into romantic Hallstatt before heading uphill again to Gosau.

Option 1: Start of the Gosau Tourist Office. We drive to the Gosaubach and further up to the Steinermühle. There in several curves uphill on the gravel forest path past some huts in the direction of Rossalm (a detour to the Plankensteinalm is worthwhile) On the forest road we descend in the Echerntal (asphalt beginning) to Hallstatt. There on the Hallstätter Landesstraße to the Gosaumühle intersection. Turn left there and then left again on the old path. This leads up again briefly and joins the main road again. We drive there to the village of Gosau (Klaushof) and turn left and drive on a narrow path keeping right via the Vitalhotel back to our starting point.

Option 2: Start at the Gosau Tourist Office. continue to the Gosaubach. there along the right bank to Hintertal and up to Vorderer Gosausee. Keeping to the left, the forest path then leads uphill to the Grubenalm junction and continues in the direction of Rossalm (a stop is worthwhile) as with variant 1. (Identical with Dachstein Round Black)

Mountain biking in the Salzkammergut:
The Plassen circuit (alpine pasture circuit)

Detailed directions

We start in the direction of Gosaubach, do not cross it, turn right upstream after about 60m into the Gosaubachweg and follow it for about 300m to cross the stream to the left onto the Eschenweg.

For the time being, it goes slightly uphill on asphalt between the houses, until we pass a barrier after about 400m and pedal steeply up along the fence on gravel for about 170m and pass another barrier (km1) in a hairpin bend to the top left.

Now we follow the forest road for about 1.9km and turn left at the crossroads (km2.9) down towards the fairytale forest. After about 1.7km we cross the Gosaubach to the left in the direction of the B166. We pass the fish pond and after about 100m turn right into the B166 (km4.7).

Special care must be taken on this section of the trail. We stay on the B166 downhill in the direction of Lake Hallstatt. About 2.8km later we cross the Gosaubach on the B166 and turn right up (km7.5) into Gosauleitenstraße.

We pass the barrier on gravel. A short steep ascent, then in a leisurely incline above the B166 until it goes down again, washed out and rough, to the B166 into which we turn right again after about 3.4km down to the right (km10.9).

At the Hallstatt junction we stay on the B166 in the left-hand bend in the direction of Bad Goisern, after about 3.4km we reach the Traun bridge (km14.3) at the end of Lake Hallstatt in Steeg.

Another 600m on the B166 until we turn right (km14.9) and at the confectionery turn right again into the R2 Salzkammergut cycle path in the direction of Hallstatt.

Now we follow the signs for the cycle path, after about 800m we pass under the railway (km15.7) and shortly afterwards (300m) turn right (km16) to the next underpass, after about 400m we leave the cycle path (km16.4) on Bodenbichlgasse and to the Simongasse junction (km16.7). We turn right, about 100m later left at the first opportunity for another 300m to the intersection Unterseestraße (km17.0).

We turn right into Unterseestraße, stay straight ahead until Unterseestraße becomes Oberseestraße and after about 2.5km we rejoin the Ostuferradweg (R2) at the Seeraunzn car park (km19.5).

Now we follow the cycle path R2 in the direction of Obertraun, pass the Hallstatt stop, continue between the lake and the railway and after about 5.1km turn right (km24.6) in the direction of Hallstatt and cross the lido in Obertraun on the cycle path.

After about 1.2 km we turn right, cross the Traun (km25.8) and continue along the cycle path in the direction of Hallstatt.

Particular care should be taken when crossing the Hallstätterseestraße after the Hallstatt leisure centre (car park). Furthermore, at the Hirschbrunn underpass, as there are many pedestrians to and from Hallstatt here.

After about 3.3km we reach the entrance to Hallstatt (km29.1), leave the cycle path by staying on the L547 for another 400m and then turn left (km29.5) into Malerweg (Echerntal).

The hustle and bustle is over, now the loneliness begins.

We follow the Malerweg for 1.4km on asphalt, past the Gasthof Hirlatz to the parking lot in front of the barrier (km30.9). From here it is a short 1.8km steeply uphill through a short tunnel and with impressive views of the Waldbachstrub in the opposite rock face and Lake Hallstatt to the waterfall (km32.7) in the Echerntal. Attention oncoming traffic!

At the waterfall we cross the bridge to the right and pedal uphill and at the Sattelalm junction (km33.4) after about 700m further up in the left-hand bend.

400m later, at the next crossroads (km33.8), continue straight uphill.

We follow the forest road steeply uphill until, after about 4.2 km, we reach the crossroads (km38.0) in a hairpin bend after another 2 km to the Strähnhag crossing (km40), the highest point of this tour, with an altitude of 1502 m above sea level.

The 1.3km descent to the Rossalm (km41.3) rewards us with local delicacies at the end. Please note that there is no possibility to charge the batteries here, there is no electricity there.

Now comes the more leisurely part of the tour. After about 1.4 km we pass the junction to the Plankensteinalm (km42.7) and after another 2.6 km we pass the junction below the Löckenmoos (km 45.3).

At the fork in the road, we keep to the right and follow the signs for Seekar Runde or after 100m turn right up the forest road to place our bikes there and climb up to the Löckenmoos.

After about 2.4km at the next junction (km47.7) we turn right up, leaving the Seekar circuit and we continue, past the Schäferalm in a right-hand bend, always staying on the main path until we choose the left fork after about 3.4km at the fork in the road (km51.1) and turn slightly downhill after about 1.4km to the lower left, another 500m later turn left again into the already driven route in the direction of Gosau.

After 2.4km we turn right in the hairpin bend until we cross the Gosaubch after about 600m and turn right and reach our starting point a little later.

The burgundy mountain bike signage is clearly geographically located. Each waypoint has a unique number, e.g. 40702-0002, which is printed in the lower line of the logo. If you ever have difficulties, you can give this number to the Inner Salzkammergut Tourist Office and we will know where you are.


A dip in Lake Hallstatt directly opposite Hallstatt and a detour to the Löckenmoos on foot.

Safety guidelines

The S534 Plassen circuit is a round trip, NOT signposted and only available as a GPS tour. Tours with 500 numbers have a route length of up to 70km. The indicated travel times are pure net riding times with the E-MTB without breaks such as photo stops, refreshments, etc.

Please pay particular attention to the crossings of the B166 federal road and the 3.5 km on the partly busy B166 to Gosauzwang.

To make the day perfect, here are a few tips that are worth following before each tour. In addition, be aware that you are moving in the mountains and therefore personal responsibility plays a major role. This applies to the selection of the route to be mastered, the expected weather and one or the other dead zone in which you will not find a mobile phone connection.


Please note that all (E)MTB tours must always be mastered with impeccable equipment. Below are a few tips on preparation and equipment.

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Additional information:

In Gosau, all mountain bike tours start at the parking lot at the Gosau sports center. Most of the tours are signposted and numbered.

We are looking forward to comments, hints, constructive criticism and, of course, thousands of photos of your tour with the #dachsteinsalzkammergut in your social media posts.

As new figures on the playing field of mountain and recreational athletes, we e-MTB riders have a special duty to behave appropriately.

In Graubünden, bikers and hikers share the paths. A project that should set a precedent. But this is only possible with mutual respect. Black sheep set us back years.

With common rules of the game, we ensure that the forest will continue to offer a unique recreational and living space as well as a workplace for everyone in the future.

Information on cycling in the forest from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism.


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Ebenalm in Gosau

‘Klackl or Seeklausalm’ on Lake Gosau

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