Along the brook

Gosau brook route

One of the easiest hikes in the Gosau valley is along the Gosau brook. It begins in Hintertal close to the "Bäcken" bridge and goes along the left side of the brook to the foremost houses of the Gosau valley. The only interruption is the bridge close to the sport hotel until the "Stötz" bridge. From here it is easy to follow the Möserweg on the right side of the valley. The route is asphalted all the way from the Hintertal up until the Sport hotel so can be hiked also on rainy days with simple footwear.

Rustic! Incomparable! Simply Irresistible!

Simply get away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by nature, cowbells ringing instead of your smartphone…. Holidays up on an Alpine pasture, or in one of the many mountain huts, are becoming increasingly popular. But it is not always easy to find the "right" Alpine pasture or mountain hut. Therefore, we have compiled the most beautiful "Mountain service stations" for you, with stunning panoramic pictures and the most important information for all "newcomers" and World Heritage hikers. As it is usual in the Simonyhütte, the Adamekhütte or Hütteneckalm in Bad Goisern to greet people informally with a “Du” rather that the formal "Sie", as we say here in the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut…. "Grias di"!

Information at a glance

  • Hiking time: approx 90 minutes
  • Starting point: Hinter valley close to the "Bäcken" bridge
  • Highlights: Easy hike (stroll) suitable for the whole family
  • Bis stop: Gosau Mühlradl/Falmbach and Gosau Hauptstraße
  • Postbus
    Linie 542-2
    Bus line 542-2
    Gosausee - Gosau - Gosaumühle (543 connect) to Hallstatt - Obertraun) – Steeg (Railway station) - Bad Goisern - Bad Ischl (Railway station).
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    Bus linie 542-1
    Bad Ischl (Railway station) - Bad Goisern - Steeg (Railway station) - Gosaumühle (543 (connect) to Hallstatt - Obertraun) - Gosau - Gosausee
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    Online time table: Postbus

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