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The Panorama route hiking through the Gosau valley

It's a beautiful hiking tour through the forest. The way starts behind the chapel at the Kalvarienberg. Throught the forest, the hiking trail number 611 takes you to the Zwieselalm on approx. 1500 meters. This tour offers splendid view to the valley and comfortable halting places.

Part 1: From the "Grafen" to the Gschüttstrasse.

On the street you will see a signpost with 37, 1 kilometre on it; a narrow road leads up the hill. There you will see a signpost with "Mittertal 4 km, Hintertal 6 km, and Gosausee 8 km". This road leads to the house "Grafen", follow this for a further two minutes until the road branches out at the signpost along a narrow pebble road that leads up to the forest. Pass the "Blochschustergraben" up to a road ending in a meadow. On the Gosau valley there is a spectacular view of the Gosaukamm. A steep uphill hike of about 20 minutes will take you back to houses. Cross the "Oslgraben" and shortly afterwards you will reach the forest street that leads to the Iglmoos alm.

Kalvarienberg church in Gosau

 © Kraft | Glücksplätze in Gosau: Kalvarienbergkirche

Pass the "Schindereben" and the "Kreuzgraben" up to the farm house "Onimoos". Continue on until you pass another large graveyard the "Edelbach". A short steep hike goes up to the road, follow it upwards. Turn right at the "Evwagner" past the last brook the "Grabenbach" When you reach the Pass Gschütt Strasse continue a little further uphill to the bus stop. Cross the main road and go along the "Grabenbach" at the edge of the forest. This is the starting point for the second part of the Panorama route. The signpost says "Weitwanderweg" Gablonzerhütte, and Gosausee

Part 2: From the Pass Gschüttstrasse into the Hintertal

Continue further through the forest up to the Kavarien hill, across the meadow of the "Wirtsleitn" to the "Badergraben". The path continues approximately 20 minutes further through the forest and the edge of the wood. When you reach the "Schüttanger" (in the middle of the valley) continue following the signs for Panoramaweg (Panorama route) cross the "Glaslgraben" and the brook "Ötscherangerbach", go past the farmer house "Ötscheranger" and cross the ski runway. After the ski-runway the route gets a little steep up the valley, cross the „Pommergraben" which goes above „Veitnbauern" and continues on past the „Falmbach" that leads to the Forststrasse. The hike can be ended at the crossing in direction "Hintertal" The way back is best along the Gosaubachweg (Gosau brook route).

Part 3: From Hintertal to the Gosau Lake

Part 3 begins at the old Bakery Urstöger. From there it is possible to hike along the brook "Asserbach" up to the edge of the forest. At some point you will reach the Forststrasse which goes for about 2 km above the edge of the forest past the horse riding stables which is signposted on the street. After about one hour you will come to the very romantic path, close to the chair lift station onto the main road. Continue along the further on the foot path to the last part of the pedestrian path to the Gosauseestrasse (Gosau Lake Street.) This route is particularly recommended to take when the weather is dry.

Safety Tips for Hikers

Admittedly, the landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut is the absolute pinnacle for hiking fans, mountain enthusiasts and nature lovers—unforgettable tours to incredibly beautiful mountain lodges and meadows, panorama views as far as the eye can see and cherished moments that will last a lifetime! However, you should remember that while hiking you might find yourself in high-alpine terrain. We’ve put together some resources to assist you: how to best prepare for your tour, recommended items for your backpack and steps to take in an emergency situation. Remember to always play it safe and enjoy your hiking adventure in the Salzkammergut!

Unformation at a glance
  • Tour and route information
    Starting place: 4824 Gosau
    Starting point: chapel "Kalvarienberg"
    Destination: 4824 Gosau
    Destination: Zwieselalm
    Difficulty: easy
    Panoramic view: Some Views
    Duration: 3.5 hours
    Length: 7.342 km
    Metres of altitude: 674m
    Lowest point: 814m
    Highest point: 1452m


  • Transportation Tip: Travel simply and quickly to the UNESCO World Hertiage Region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut with the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). All aboard . . . !
  • Safety Tips for Hiking
    The best tips for tour preparation, equipment and emergency situations while hiking in the UNESCO World Heritage Region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut at a glance. Remember to play it safe!
    Should a situation arise where recuse services are required,
    you can obtain the needed help under the number 112.




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