Endless fun in the water...

Water Fun & Laughing Kids

The town of Bußbach which is accessible to all visitors: has now a magnificent new attraction at no charge. The adventure und outdoor Water Park! All summer long the park offers an outstanding activity programme for it's visitors but especicilly for families. Amongst many here are just a view highlights: The most popular are the canoe course und the play creek for kids with water wheels und damms.

A Playland for your Children...

Our children`s „Play River" features water toys for fun and learning in the water. The highlight of which is the canoe run of the river. Imagine to be back in the „wild west" having to paddle, using all your strenght, navigate rapids and slide your canoe over land. After all this you can join the other kids on the „big playground" where you will find everything a child`s heart desires, such as swings and slides.

Interested in sport?

Stay fit with our waterpark fitness gym. Not for you? Then test your fitness at the sports arena located near the waterpark with soccer, beachvolleyball, basket ball or skating.

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