Leaving the church in the village

Explore the centre of Gosau

Starting at the tourist information centre there is a side street that leads to the Brandwirt, directly after the stable building is the small Kruezweg (cross way)chapel on the Kirchenweg (church route). Follow the one way path route through the fields passing the Haus Kübelgraben and the Wallnbauern up to the Catholic church.

The foundation-stone of the Sebastian church was laid in the year 1500. The year previously the church had been converted in new-gothic style. The baroque basic elements are still recognizable. On the inside is a beautiful baroque altar. The valuable coloured church window was donated in1890 by the manufacturer Faber (his summer residence, the Faber Villa, is meanwhile the Hotel Koller). Opposite you can see the school home of the "Barmherzigen" sisters of the holy cross, which was established 1894 as an orphanage. Directly next to the street is the old school that was used to accommodate students up from the elementary school until 1955.

Following the route upward you reach the branching off of the Kreuzweges (cross road) on the Kalvarien hill. The option along the Kalvarien hill up the stairway passing the chapel on the right along the edge of the woods, over the "Finster graben" (eerie graves) along the so called "Faberweg (Faber route) up until the "Alten Gschüttstraße". The street leading upwards goes to the Bus stop. Continue right along the "Brandseppengasse", following the signs past the swimming pool and the school back to the starting point of the hike.

The second and shorter route goes along the street past the "Haus der Begegnung", to the Evangelist Church. The Evangelist church was built from 1860 to 1869. The immense timber fixtures and fittings make this Evangelist church unique in upper Austria. The building was originally established predominantly for voluntary workers. The school teacher at that time, Josef Hager carved the altar over many years. Close to the church is the youth hostel "Dr.-Eder-Haus", the kindergarten and the "Brigittaheim". A little further in front the Evangelist cemetery you will see a signpost with directions to the village centre, pass the indoor swimming pool and the school and back to the office of tourism, where the hike began.

Kalvarienberg church in Gosau

 © Kraft | Glücksplätze in Gosau: Kalvarienbergkirche

Kalvarienberg church in Gosau

 © Kraft | Glücksplätze in Gosau: Kalvarienbergkirche

Out and about on historical paths

During a holiday, you might want to see more than just the famous tourist sites. Sometimes it’s exciting to search out and discover the smaller and more subtle points of interests! A great example are the popular themed trails in Hallstatt. On these paths, you will discover the origins of the history-rich UNESCO World Heritage Region of Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut. Follow in the footsteps of famous painters and acclaimed writers through the wild and romantic Echern Valley or take a historical walk—with or without an audio guide—through the picturesque lanes of Hallstatt. The many themed trails offer the opportunity to combine a long, enjoyable stroll with learning about the historical background of the region. Better yet, the trails can be explored regardless of the season and in most weather conditions. We look forward to seeing you on the popular themed trails throughout the World Heritage Region!

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