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East bank trail around Lake Hallstatt

Near the bathing area, about five-minutes walk from the Obertraun railway station, the Ostufer-Wanderweg (east-bank path) begins opposite the boat pier. Here is also the starting point of the Obertraun Höhenweg. But we walk along the railway line further in the direction of Schloß `Grub'. This private property is fenced, and we must remain outside. Soon you will notice that you are on a nature-study trail. Along the path, notice-boards have been erected which give information of the luxuriant vegetation here.

Next to a railway hut we again come to the bank of the Hallstatt Lake. From here, you have a lovely view of the 4,500-year-old salt-mining community. In a half-hour we reach the Hallstatt railway station and the boat jetty. Our path leads further along the railway line, over a romantic suspension bridge and on a secure rock path, then on a smaller path along the lake. After about an hour we reach the area of the Obersee railway station and the Wanderwegstüberl (Seeraunzn), where we obtain our hiking stamp. Enjoy the lovely view to the west bank of the Hallstatt lake and the ~Gosaumühle peninsular. Obersee has not only a railway station but also a boat station serving Steeg and Hallstatt m2.

can carry on toward Steeg. In a further hour we come to Au on the main road and the Steeg-Gosau railway station. From here we can travel back to Hallstatt by bus, boat or rail. Those with the energy and two to three hours to spare, can walk back from Steeg on the Soleleitungsweg or the main road to Hallstatt and Obertrau n. The hike around the Hallstatt lake is a tour lasting a whole day and takes seven hours.

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For all nature lovers who do not want to hike the “Ostuferwanderweg” (East shore hiking trail) between Obertraun and Bad Goisern "in one go", we have subdivided the popular adventure trail into four sections under "Information at a glance" below. Parallel to the “Ostuferwanderweg” also runs the regional Salzkammergut railway. Via the stops "Steeg-Gosau", "Obersee", "Hallstatt" and "Obertraun" you can return, at any variable time, to the starting point of your hike. The link to the online timetable can be found below. Have fun!

East bank trail and more...

Recreational paradise on Lake Hallstatt

Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt | Strandbad: The family-friendly beach in Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt is one of the most beautiful and best maintained swimming facilities on Lake Hallstatt

» Strandbad Obertraun

© Viertbauer | Baden im Salzkammergut: Strandbad Obertraun am Hallstättersee

Untersee lido in Bad Goisern

Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt/ Untersee lido: The beautifully located lakeside resort, with stunning panoramic views over the fjord-like lake and the Krippenstein, the mountain for excursions and hiking, counts as one of the most beautiful bathing areas in the Salzkammergut.

» Untersee lido in Bad Goisern

© Kraft | Strandbad Untersee in Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee – Baden in der Welterberegion Hallstatt / Dachstein Salzkammergut

Hikers snug “Seeraunzn“

Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt | Insider tip amongst hikers and cyclists. Excellent cuisine with magnificent views. Easy to reach by boat. Dinner is served!

» Hikers snug “Seeraunzn“

© OÖTourismus/Erber | Restaurants & Ausflugslokale in der UNESCO Welterberegion Hallstatt Dachstein Salzkammergut: Seeraunzn am Ostuferwanderweg des Hallstättersees.

"'s Goiserer Seeplatzl" on Lake Hallstatt

Bad Goisern on Lake Hallstatt |“ s'Goiserer Seeplatzl”: In the middle of the romantic ‘Ostuferwanderweg’ (East shore hiking trail) between Bad Goisern and Obertraun with a culinary connection! Perfect for a holiday afternoon in the World Heritage region!

» Place of happiness: "'s Goiserer Seeplatzl" on Lake Hallstatt

Information at a glance

  • Please note:
    On this hiking trail, it is mandatory that dogs are kept on a lead. For further information, please contact the local tourist office or the local authorities. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Tour facts
    East bank trail (Ostuferwanderweg) on Lake Hallstatt
    Start: Stee-Gosau or Obertraun
    End: Obertraun or Stee-Gosau
    Length: 9,2 kilometer
    Difficulty: Easy walking
    Map material: Hiking map of the Inner Salzkammergut
    Mark /Way No.: Ostuferwanderweg A16
    Special experience: Various points of interest in Hallstatt including the "Bone House", spectacular hanging bridge and Worl Heritage site museum
    Resting possibilities: Uferweg Seerauzn, close to the East bank trail

    Hiking times
    East bank trail (Ostuferwanderweg) on Lake Hallstatt
    Total walking time: From Steeg (railway station Steeg-Gosau) to Obertraun (Seecafe / public bathing beach) 3 hours.
    Section 1: From the Steeg (Steeg-Gosau train station) to the "Untersee" public bathing beach, about 30 minutes
    Section 2: From the "Untersee" public bathing beach to the "Seeraunzn" restaurant, about 45 minutes
    Section 3: "Seeraunzn" to the "Hallstatt" train station about 45 minutes
    Section 4: From the "Hallstatt" train station to Obertraun (Seecafe / public bathing beach) about 1 hour